In this blog, my first blog, I am to reflect on and compare and contrast that image of myself to myself now regarding using technology in education. I have tried to keep up with technology and use it in the classroom as much as I knew how.  Students watched educational videos, I subscribed to a site in which I made tests, quizzes and games online, I posted my lesson plans online, made a webpage on the district site (that the district doesn’t use anymore.) I have taken workshops on using moodle and I created moodle sites for all my classes. I have used, tagxedo, and padlet off and on to give students a different way to interact with the material other than pencil and paper.

As I write this, it suddenly occurs to me another way I have progressed personally, although I am not sure younger persons will understand. I am writing this with my head down, looking at the desk, and my hands are moving on the keyboard typing out my thoughts. That is great progress for me, and I am proud of it. When I first started using the computer, I had to write out my lessons or whatever, and then type it into the computer. I couldn’t compose at the keyboard, and it took a long time to do work twice. Now I am able to think and type at the same time. Yea Me!

I see  progression in my using technology. I used technology when I could, but it always sort of puzzled me how having the students take a test on that I made was different from having them do it on a piece of paper. In a way paper was better because we would discuss the correct answers in class. An advantage was that the test was automatically graded.

I made tons of Powerpoint presentations of my lessons to change from lecturing from the podium, using an overhead or writing on the board.  I tried using mini whiteboards for the students to increase interaction.

Authentic Assessment

Well, I think I have always been pretty good about using authentic assessment. Ididn’t even know it had a name — it just seemed like common sense. It felt good to have my strategy validated when I read about it in this class and I got more ideas too .

Most surprising/biggest thing learned

The biggest thing that I got through this class was the lesson on self-directed learning. I still struggle with wanting to have all the information that students need and then dispensing it to them, but I am becoming a believer in letting students explore and learn as they go. I have become more aware also, that I want to learn what I think I should learn. I don’t really want someone else pouring information into my head.

My performance in this course.

I am satisfied with my performance in this course.  I have not taken a graduate course online before other than answering a few questions as part of a workshop, and I learned it takes a lot of time and energy.  A part of me says I could have done more, but realistically, I did pretty well with the time and other obligations  I had.

I struggled with learning new technology, which was no surprise to me; after all, I took the class to help me learn technology! The voice thread was easy and a good way to start. I liked using Camtasia and Screencastomatic. I made several videos to show students how to do some things on the computer, and I made some videos for teachers also when I was supposed to be doing work for this class, but, oh well! It was still a good use of time, I thought.

Grade for myself.

Well, of course I would say an A. I figure I got an “A” amount of new knowledge, but I always think I could have done better. In reality, I think I did what I could do, learned a lot,  but I know some of my projects weren’t really great. I did what I thought would be useful to me as the grade essentially doesn’t matter as I am taking the class for my own benefit. I am too close to retirement to get a Master’s to pay off. Still, an A on my transcript would be good.

What I learned

I learned how to make videos using free software. This was very good and is something I will be using myself and teaching others.

I learned how to make an e portfolios.  I will use this skill and teach others also. I worked on my moodle during the online class part and got better an google classroom set up. I spent more time in this lesson working on my moodle and google classroom than I did on D2L because I wanted to work on something I would really use.

Google Hangouts was awesome! I have already used this with a small class and am working on a project now

I learned Prezi much better. I think Powerpoint is so much easier but I have wanted to learn Prezi. I made what I thought was a pretty good presentation with Prezi; I didn’t get the grade I thought I deserved because I thought it was pretty good, but ah well, I learned Prezi and to me that is what counts.

Next on the agenda is to make a Voki as I can see the Voki “Will” blinking at me from the class homepage. 🙂