About Me

I have been teaching for almost 18 years at the high school level. Before that I substitute taught K-12 and raised three daughters. It was a good time staying home with my children, and I worked hard to give them a happy childhood in which they had good experiences and learned a lot about the world. I supported and led them in their interests and activities, and happily, they are doing well today.

The educational world has changed immensely since I began. I have gone from ditto machines, chalkboards, and overhead projectors to the internet and computers.

I am active in the community, although I am slowing down a bit as my children have left.  I spend more time at home now on the computer, knitting, being with my husband, and reading.

Lately I have been exploring pinterest, craigslist (I have a china cabinet to sell), angie’s list (house cleaning gift for one of my daughters) and wordpress. 🙂

I took a graduate level class to learn about Educational Technology. I learned a lot and it will be useful.



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